Our band, Big Knife Little Knife, photo by me in March 2015.

Big Knife Little Knife band photo

Kevin’s old band, Weights and Measures, in a 2000-era photo I only saw when their Arboretum Festival reunion show listing went up.

Weights and Measures band photo

If you can’t see them in Ottawa on August 22, you can still watch them in FOREVER AGO below:

* post title nod to: WEAKERTHANS, I HARDLY KNEW THEM (sob)

New song notes. #dinosaur

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Frazey Ford Done video

“Don’t be fooled by the glittery jumpsuit. Frazey Ford is out for blood.”

There’s a nice write-up in Bust here: Frazey Ford’s “Done” is an Anthem for Calling it Quits

Woo & Automattic

WooCommerce is joining Automattic! So excited.

The stats are impressive: the WooCommerce plugin has over 7.5 million downloads and a million+ active installs; BuiltWith’s survey of ecommerce platforms shows Woo passing up Magento in the top million, with about triple the number of total sites. Even a conservative estimate that WooCommerce powers 650,000 storefronts means they’re enabling a huge number of independent sellers. They’ve added a tremendous amount to the WordPress ecosystem (alongside everyone else working in this area).

Read in full: Woo & Automattic

Built to Spill screenshot

I mean, I can tell you how to book time in a studio, but that’s neither here nor there.

Read the full Doug Martsch interview in Spin.


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