Mammoth Cave Recording Co. is closed

Paul Lawton on arts grants:

“You should be supporting the infrastructure, and enabling more people,” Lawton says when asked about an alternative model. “If we’re in a fragmented universe, and my taste is not the same as your taste, if we cannot agree on any of that, then that money intended to promote Canadian culture and Canadian art making should be supporting infrastructure in terms of rehearsal lessons, music lessons, supporting independent, non-bar-based performance spaces. It should be for recording studios, things that allow people to make and produce and share art.

“If the purpose of it is to keep Canadians interested, it should be about enabling people to do that better,” he says. “As opposed to giving the lion’s share going towards one label or band or group, because we think they’re the surest thing.”

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Ephemeral Prince


Rich Aucoin, best partymaker and master of videos, has written an album to sync up with this late 70s claymation adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry‘s Le Petit Prince.

Valid questions


You have probably heard, by this point, the news that Harper Lee is finally releasing a companion novel for To Kill A Mockingbird after over 50 years. Pretty exciting news, right? Her publisher has probably had a lot of time to figure out their publicity rollout and has also definitely made sure that she wants them to publish said companion novel, yes? Especially since Harper Lee has always made it very clear that she would not release another book, and since Harper Lee is currently in a nursing home, and since her sister and lawyer died last year, and several third parties have begun suing one another for the right to use Harper Lee’s name…you would definitely think they would be sure to have all their ducks appropriately rowed before making such a significant announcement, right?

At the very least, they would have talked to Harper Lee about it, right? To get her, you know, permission?

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Full interview on Vulture.


That’s the point. Those are the points. That this is old and weird. That not enough people are doing it. That even if the market can’t support writing about anything that doesn’t attract >25,000 views, that even if people want music streamed direct to their ears without any intermediary – Said the Gramophone’s ambivalence to markets and masses affords it the luxury of stubbornness.

Best music blog Said the Gramphone has three new editors, as of yesterday. Today, Jeff Miller of Ghost Pine talks about Sleater-Kinney. Later this week, we get the smooth and intimidating writer Emma Healey as well as supersleuth/Mile-End-guardian/furniturrieure Mitz Takahashi. This is a great week for music and writing and blogging.

“Elizabeth 1, Abdullah 0.”

Queen Elizabeth basically spent an afternoon using her military-grade driving skills to haze the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

Read in full at Queen Elizabeth II once terrorized King Abdullah — by driving him around


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